Review Dreamhost & How to registration hosting at Dreamhost

Review Dreamhost Hosting.

Hello, you want to own a truly stable and best quality hosting package. Are you looking for and do not know which provider meets that for you? If you read this article, you have found a hosting package like that.

DreamHost is a long-standing provider of domain and hosting services that will meet the most demanding of customers. According to his assessment, hosting here is well known as the most valuable and useful for maintaining a stable website.

To better understand this hosting provider, I will review Dreamhost in the most detail. Pay attention to this review.

And today I will review Dreamhost Hosting and guide you register for hosting at Dreamhost

What is Dreamhost

DreamHost is a hosting service company, domain, VPS was established in 1997.

Based in USA. Dreamhost is the longest-serving hosting provider on the market today.

More than 15 years of service, quality of Dreamhost is always highly appreciated by users in the world. Prestige of Dreamhost is confirmed with his age.

There are no customers complain about the quality of service Dreamhost.Wordpress said that this is the hosting provider ranked second best provider, works well on the wordpress platform.

Review hosting quality at dreamhost

Review Hosting by DreamHost

The point worth paying attention when you buy a Shared Hosting package here is that you are given a domain name with .com, .net, .org.

This is the point I like most when buying a host at DreamHost. You will save the cost of buying domain names around $ 15. This amount is enough for you to do other things to invest in later.

Keep track of my review

Basic parameters of the host package

  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Install WordPress with 1 click
  • Custom panel
  • FREE domain name included
  • Free hidden domain information (first year)
  • Use the latest MySQL and PHP
  • Free SSL from Let’s Encrypt
  • Refund time up to 97 days
  • Live chat support 24/7

These are the basic parameters to evaluate DreamHost’s Host. With the above parameters we can say that this is a quality host package that fits all the needs of the user.

With the use of new technologies, SSL security makes your website more secure during use. If you use wordpress as the basis for website, DreamHost use PHP5 version to help your website run faster.

Pros of using Dreamhost Hosting

There are many things that make you like Dreamhost.

They have the advantage of good support, and good uptime.

Then there are some advantages of Dreamhost

1. Good Uptime

You can see the uptime of Dreamhost is pretty good at 99.90%. Honestly, this is an average of 99.94%, HOWEVER, the uptime is only about 4 minutes and a half.

That’s why it’s enough for you to trust Dreamhost because Dreamhost is continually increasing uptime to ensure user support.

2. Page load time

The page load speed of the Dreamhost is 849ms quite fast compared to the average.

Up to 4.61% faster than the current average of hosting services.

This is also a remarkable advantage of Dreamhost.

3. Support by live chat 24/7

This is a great thing that Dreamhost has done. It can be said that not many hosting providers can do this.

If you have difficulty, you can get support from the Dreamhost Support Team immediately with live chat at any time.

Also, support services at Dreamhost are very friendly, courteous, and they are very knowledgeable about the problems you have.

4. 97 day money back guarantee

It’s crazy, but this is true, Dreamhost is indeed one of the best hosting providers that.

You will be given a free trial within 97 days if you are unhappy that you can request a refund and they will return you 100% of the amount you have purchased.

This is something that few other vendors dare to guarantee, only about 30 days is high.

5. Unlimited Bandwith, Email, Domain

Unlimited storage space and bandwidth. This is what DreamHost is committed to. When using Shared Hosting, you do not run out of bandwidth when your visitors freeze for a long time as well as the amount of hard drive space.

They all use unlimited. You can upload a lot of large files but the speed of the web is still stable. I tried to upload a file over 100 G but still very ok.

Added domain is unlimited: You can share many sites on this host package without affecting. This is a great advantage that many host packages at the same price level.

Unlimited email addresses: You will not be limited to creating multiple email addresses on the host.

6. Support Tools

When using hosting at Dreamhost you will be provided more useful tools such as CloudFlare Services, Google Services, Page Speed Optimization, One click Installer … for you to use conveniently.

Dreamhost is, indeed, a great service that you should choose.

There are so many great things that make you choose Dreamhost, but it still has some weaknesses

Cons of using Dreamhost Hosting

Dreamhost is really a perfect choice for everyone.

Up to 1.5 million websites are using Dreamhost hosting.

However, nothing is perfect, Dreamhost is the same.

Now, I will point out the cons of using Dreamhost Hosting.

1. Price is high

The cost of a hosting package at Dreamhost is higher than average.
Specifically with the shared host package, the details are as follows:

Price of Dreamhost is high

VPS packages are priced as follows:


Ok, You can see the price of hosting at Dreamhost is quite high.

2. No cPanel

Is it really?

Dreamhost use their own homemade hosting management system so many new users will be very difficult to use.

If you only use the management system on cPanel, you should know their management system when using it.

Do not worry too, though, as there are still 1.5 million people using Dreamhost.

3. Possible Delayed Setup

New customer accounts need to be verified prior to activation. That means while registration is instant, provisioning can take a few hours. Factor that into your new launch plans if you’re trying to get up-and-running ASAP.

Should hosting be used at Dreamhost?

Of course, although it’s a bit expensive compared to other servers, it’s worth it.

Dreamhost has good support, high uptime, unlimited bandwidth, email, and domain names. The load speed is quite high, and especially the refund guarantee in 97 days if you do not like.

If you want to determine package hosting at Dreamhost, please read the next as.

How to registration hosting at Dreamhost

One year of Hosting from Dreamhost costs $ 119. However, when using this promotion code, you will be able to get an unlimited hosting package for just $ 69 / year with a free domain name.

This saves you up to $ 12 for domain cost. In addition, another special feature of DreamHost is that each domain when added to the hosting have different IP, which is suitable for satellite site system.

With top quality and highly appreciated, a hosting package at DreamHost you can run a lot of sites at once almost without any problems.

1. First you visit the Dreamhost

Then click on select the host package you want to register. Here you choose the Shared Hosting package.

Register dreamhost hosting

2. Create your account

Enter email and password to register Dreamhosy

Then click continue

3. Choose your domain

Select your domain

Then click Register Now

4. Choose your plan

You should register the hosting package for 3 years to save as possible.

Select hosting

5. Addition options

On this page, DreamHost asks if you would like to subscribe to more premium services. You can ignore it because if added will be charged more that the need is not necessarily.

Click on “Continue”.

Addition options Dreamhost

6. The money part

Now that you need to enter your personal information, please fill in the form below.

The money part Dreamhost

Scroll down, click the Add credit card button to enter your billing information.

Add credit card

After clicking on, the card information box will appear as below:

  • Card number: Enter the 16 digits on the front of the card
  • Card Expiration Date: Enter the card’s expiration date and month
  • Security code: Enter the last 3 digits on the back of the card

Click the “Use Credit card” button.

Use credit card

If the icon of the card is as shown below, you can also see the domain name is FREE, the price of one year.

The final price you need to pay is $ 385.20!

Click Place order now to process payment.

The message below is that you have successfully registered. Click on the “Continue to Your Web Panel” button to access the admin area.

After logging in, you will see the red “Your account is pending” message, which means your account is pending.

At this time there will be 2 emails sent to you, one is the invoice with one ID code is notice the account is waiting for approval.

Wait about 3 hours for them to active account, domain and hosting.

So now you have bought hosting at DreamHost successful then that. You can access Dasboard via this link https://panel.dreamhost.com and use the email and password generated at the registration step above.

Ok, so I’ve reviewed dreamhost hosting and directed you to sign up for hosting at dreamhost. If there is any problem please comment, I will answer.

Where on the following, I will guide install the wordpress on dreamhost.

Thank you for reading ! Good luck !

Author: Darius Felix

Hello, I’m Darius Felix – a professional blogger. I will teach you how to make money online, wordpress tips, and review hosting & domain.

Darius Felix

Hello, I'm Darius Felix - a professional blogger. I will teach you how to make money online, wordpress tips, and review hosting & domain.

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John - 07/24/2018

In the end, should I use hosting by Dreamhost ?

    Darius Felix - 07/24/2018

    Hello John, I recommend using Dreamhost as this is the oldest hosting service, their criteria are all right. I think my review of Dreamhost is pretty enough. Thanks for reading


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