Guide to install WordPress on DreamHost in 10 minutes

Installing WordPress on Dreamhost.

In the previous article I have taught you how to register for hosting at DreamHost and receive a free domain name. Next in this post I will be with you install WordPress on hosting of DreamHost.

DreamHost does not use cPanel, so they use their own control panel and panel so anyone who is new to hosting for the first time at DreamHost will probably be a little confused. However, basically the DreamHost’s own panel is very simple and intuitive, only take a few minutes to familiarize you can operate very easily.


First you need to use the login information to access the admin panel here:

Then on the Dashboard page click on “Show me where to go“. Immediately the “On-Click Installs” icon appears on the left hand side.

Install WordPress on Dreamhost

Next page you will see the WordPress icon, click next to install offline.

Install WordPress on Dreamhost

Ok, now the new window appears. Just click on “Install It for me now

Note: You can choose the domain you want to install WordPress (here on the domain name is included in the registration step host), the database name (database) DreamHost automatically created for you.

You can also choose the “Deluxe Install”, when selected in this section DreamHost will install the plugin for you as Jetpack, Akismet and WP Super Cache.

Install WordPress on Dreamhost

In a split second you will continue to receive a notice as shown below.

Install WordPress on Dreamhost

For 5 to 10 minutes access to the domain you will see the website / blog interface as below:

Install WordPress on Dreamhost

You will also receive an email, which will have the login name and password link to access the administration page.

But if you want faster, just go back to the Dashboard area. Then go to Support -> Contact Support.

Here you will see the message as shown below, where:

  • You will see the username (User login)
  • Admin login path:
  • Link to create login password

Install WordPress on Dreamhost

Then once you have created the password and login the familiar admin page of WordPress will look like below.

Install WordPress on Dreamhost

So I have instructed you to install wordpress on dreamhost. If there are any difficulties during the installation please leave comments. I will reply within 24 hours
Thanks for reading !

Author: Darius Felix

Hello, I’m Darius Felix – a professional blogger. I will teach you how to make money online, wordpress tips, and review hosting & domain.

Darius Felix

Hello, I'm Darius Felix - a professional blogger. I will teach you how to make money online, wordpress tips, and review hosting & domain.

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