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Welcome to Darius Felix dot Ga blog! My name is Darius, the owner of this blog.

Let me tell you the story of my success.

I am 26 years old. I am a Vietnamese. I have passion for blogging to make money online, like traveling, exploring, and even playing games.

About four years ago, I was unemployed, in fact, not finding the best job. Then I made a clothing business decision. You know, an unemployed person like me does not have enough money to live, so I had to borrow money equivalent to $ 4,000 to import goods.

At first, my clothes shop was really difficult, because no one wanted to buy clothes at a man’s shop (only a few). So after 2 months, I decided to hire a female employee with the salary of $ 300 / month, she has pretty appearance so my store sell a lot of orders.

So I started earning income from that, about $ 500 per month. But that is still a costly figure. And so after a year, I saved $ 3,000.

But unexpectedly, the store employee asked for a leave of absence, actually, I really want her to continue working, but for the sake of her family, I have to accept it.

And how do you know, my store is losing weight continuously, and after 2 weeks, my income is only $ 150 / month. It’s pathetic!

I was in crisis for a month, and then my income went down. I decided to give up this job. On July 27, 2015, I phoned the old liquidation service to sell what was the price. All about $ 700, enough to live about 3 months.

During that time, I was only able to find help from people on the Internet, from people who were similar to me, but they rose and changed their lives. And great, my friend, once read an article, I see an ad that says “make money online 2015”.

Real or false, but I click on the ad. Then it moved to a website, I learned a lot of things there. And then I learned about Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.

It’s great, so I headed into a blog (Vietnamese), working up to 16 hours / day. Continuously create the content, after about 3 months of learning, I can create a standard SEO content, I was up the google top.

At first, the product that I marketed was a computer on lazada.com (a trading floor of Southeast Asia). I started earning about $ 500 a month, then I moved through marketing hosting.

Gradually my income is 3000USD / month, even months also reached 16000USD. It was so great to me.

At first I had to work about 16 hours a day. But now I just do about 3 hours / day

but still have a regular income of $ 5000 per month.

So, if you are unemployed or have no money, do not worry, because I will guide you to generate income passive income from BLOG!

In this blog I will focus on you to build a professional blog and gradually turn it into an online business to generate the most sustainable income.

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